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Streakk — The Truly Decentralized Platform Unlocking The Potential of Crypto

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Streakk — The Truly Decentralized Platform Unlocking The Potential of Crypto

Streakk — the leading crypto platform in the market, is on track to unlock the potential of crypto. Streakk aims to create the future of finance by maximizing the potential of crypto, thus offering a stable passive income to crypto investors of all experience levels.

According to the research, the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) crypto market cap is estimated at $131 billion, at the time of writing. Clearly, the DeFi sector is gaining massive popularity as it continues to offer decentralized financial services with high yields to crypto investors.

Inspired by blockchain technology, DeFi comprises blockchain applications and projects that are driven towards disrupting the traditional finance world. The emergence of decentralized finance has not only provided crypto investors with a new way of investing and wealth management, but also the full control of their finances, eliminating intermediaries from the system.

Existing crypto exchanges on the other hand are constantly plagued with critical problems like trust due to its centralized nature & no complete control. It’s estimated that over $1 trillion worth of crypto is sitting idle in wallets and exchanges. This fund is projected to grow to $5 trillion by 2025. As such, investors are bound to lose huge earning potential on these crypto assets. Moreover, staking crypto in a centralized exchange or platform comes with huge risk while decentralized staking requires technical knowledge and time. This leads to lack of trust and interest in the crypto space. Likewise, to earn rewards, exchanges have a lockup on crypto. As a result, investors can not get their crypto whenever required and sometimes lose the benefit of growing market

However, Streakk, the truly decentralized crypto earning platform is proposing innovative solutions to these pressing issues. To achieve this, Streakk intends to utilize the world’s most advanced Node Infrastructure — Streakk Integrated Node Cluster (INC)

Technical Innovation

Basically, Streakk INC is the Integration of reputed and trusted nodes in a single wallet. The Integrated Node Cluster (INC) assures higher rewards on crypto. It allows crypto users to earn on more than 20 blockchains and enables auto delegation of Crypto to the validators.

The best crypto earning platform provides users with non custody staking. They can HODL crypto in their wallets and earn passive income at the same time. Not just that, users are offered flexible deposits and withdrawals. As such, they can add or withdraw funds from the Streakk wallet anytime, anywhere.

Streakk is a truly decentralized platform that allows users to have full control over their keys and crypto — the platform enables users to earn without giving custody of their crypto. It offers a simple, user-friendly infrastructure that does not require any technical knowledge to earn crypto. This way, both seasoned crypto investors and newbies can easily earn passive income on Streakk.

Streakk is set to become the future of finance. The idea behind the Streakk’s 3rd generation blockchain is to revolutionize the financial ecosystem. Unlike the first and second generation blockchain — Bitcoin and Ethereum — Streakk’s 3rd generation blockchain is super fast, secure, and highly scalable. It offers over 100,000+ transactions per second (TPS), a Fixed fee of $0.0001, as well as a transaction confirmation time of 2 to 4 seconds.

To earn more stable passive income, crypto investors can set up  Shared or Dedicated Node Infrastructure. These nodes give up to 8% P.A. additional rewards and nodes have a validity period of 7 years.

Streakk has a very solid background as it’s been spearheaded by a very reputed and seasoned entrepreneur with more than 30 years of experience. The platform has established partnerships with over 40 top blockchain firms including Allnodes, Staking facilities, Audit.one, blockscape, everstake, QuickNode, and more. These partners and validators will help to grow the platform and ensure Streak attains its goals.


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