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Kochie releases warning to fans following Bitcoin scam – New Idea

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Australian television presenter David Koch has released a serious warning to all his followers on social media following a bitcoin scam

WATCH as Kochie details the most terrifying 30 minutes of his life! 

The Sunrise presenter took to Instagram on Wednesday night to tell his fans that a group of people have been using the Channel Seven morning host’s famous moniker to sway unsuspecting victims into investing with bitcoin


“It is driving us crazy the con artists using Libby and I as bait to lure people into investing in Bitcoin. Facebook are doing their best to take them down but then they pop back up using different offshore servers.” 

Kochie goes to explain how the seemingly legit adverts are nothing but dodgy scammers in disguise, reminding his followers to be on scamwatch and stay vigilant. 

“Technology has connected us to family, friends and work associates like never before. Unfortunately, it has connected us to scammers like never before as well.

“And their scams have never been more sophisticated. Fleecing millions of dollars from unsuspecting Australians every month. “

Kochie then details his own experience with online scammers: “It’s why we respond naturally to the supposed Netflix notice to unblock the account, PayPal wanting to confirm our bank details and the fake invoices from Telstra, Optus and energy companies. All scams but, dangerously, all so authentic and logical.”

Fans were quick to praise Kochie’s word of warning with many users taking to the comment section to say thanks to the TV presenter. 

“Get em Kosh!” wrote one fan,  “Can’t afford anything like that mate so I wouldn’t even bother paying any attention to any of it!”

While another user simply wrote: “Thank you!” 

Remember, keep reviewing your security and privacy details on social media, and be careful! 

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