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Ethereum Price to Keep Rising After Breaking $190, Crypto Traders Believe – U.Today

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The second biggest coin ETH has been in the lows recently without having even closely recovered to its all-time high of around $1,300 reached in early January 2018, however, analysts believe the price may spike after the coin takes certain price marks on charts.

However, here they have different views on which marks those are exactly.

‘$160, $190 – bear dead’

Trader @IamCryptoWolf seems to work even at Christmas and has posted a chart, showing the direction, in which ETH must move to regain momentum.

He reckons that ETH needs to get over two price marks in order to regain speed that will take it upwards – the first one is close to $160. After that, the ETH price must break through $190.

ETH. pic.twitter.com/3PTfxteua1

— CryptoWolf (@IamCryptoWolf) December 26, 2019

‘Don’t get your hopes up until it reclaims $365’

Trader with a Twitter name @cryptodude999 is less optimistic about ETH price surging soon. He accuses some traders of not being quite honest with the community and being ‘overly optimistic’ in their forecasts.

From his point of view, the chart looks bad. He recommends to keep one’s hope to oneself until ETH crosses the $365 mark on the graph. After that level is taken, he says, ETH might start heading for $1,000 and higher.

Seeing overly optimistic $ETH targets from accounts that make a living via ref links.

This chart looks like utter shit.

Don’t get your hopes up until it reclaims $365 – if it does so then we can talk about 1k+ targets.

Until then this is a short every bounce setup. pic.twitter.com/VTQKZSgtjJ

— CryptoDude (@cryptodude999) December 25, 2019

Vitalik Buterin Bewildered at YouTube Allegedly Censoring Ethereum 2016 Roadmap Video

$25 mln in ETH sent to major crypto exchanges

Previously, U.Today reported that a jaw-dropping amount of Ether had been sent to the major crypto trading platforms – Kraken, Binance and Huobi.

204,530 $ETH has been sent to exchanges, with 89,058 ETH going to #Kraken, 25,908 ETH going to #Binance and 99,987 ETH to #Huobi respectively. pic.twitter.com/CbjqqZRdJy

— ViewBase (@viewbasecom) December 25, 2019

View Base later stated that those three massive ETH transactions were conducted by a crypto whale who had received the coins from Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder and the front man of Ethereum.

Chances are that the sender is going to dump them on the market, which may push the price down.

At press-time, Ether is changing hands at $126.18, posting a tiny growth, as per CoinMarketCap.

What are your expectations about the ETH price in the short term? Feel free to share with us in the comments thread!

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