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Demands Soar for HashCash’s New Age Forex Trading with Bitcoin Solution | News

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PALO ALTO, Calif., Jan. 5, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Global blockchain development company HashCash Consultants declares a steep increase in demand for its exchange technology combining forex trading with Bitcoin, particularly among the younger generation. The company offers its flagship integrated forex-crypto exchange solutions for forex, fintech enterprises, and stockbroking firms looking to incorporate digital assets trading in their business portfolio.

White label forex software solutions from HashCash feature cutting-edge innovations empowering end-users with a secure and easy-to-use interface to carry out effortless transactions. The new-age trading platform architecture facilitates simultaneous crypto-forex trading, cross-site forgery protection, HTTP authentication, and data encryption, resulting in high profitability for firms dealing in digital assets and forex.

HashCash CEO and blockchain pioneer Raj Chowdhury acknowledges the growing demand for Forex Trading solutions, stating, “The global rise in crypto adoption is driving a notable percentage of daily traders to consider crypto trading along with forex. HashCash-designed exchange architecture assimilates the necessary requirements for modern age trading, attracting audiences from newer horizons with unmatched experience and service.”

A crypto-forex exchange platform helps in increasing the scope for business opportunities promoting growth. This will further boost the quest for innovation. White label solutions from HashCash comprise AI, Machine Learning, API, NLP and additional technical upgrades. The features help users in decision-making with multiple parameters delivering real-time actionable insights.

HashCash designed products are deployed in over 26 nations across the globe. The company recently won the top position for blockchain development in a global list compiled by an international business review firm. The US-based company also provides stock and commodity exchange solutions aimed at attracting new traders. HC Market Maker, a HashCash product for maximizing profits during forex conversion, is quickly gaining traction across European finance institutions.

“The digital era will rely heavily on upcoming innovations triggering a transformation of existing business models. Blockchain and crypto assets will form the foundation for the technology of tomorrow,” says Chowdhury, who had previously praised young crypto achievers highlighting the need for financial literacy and planning.

Bitcoin-forex solutions from HashCash are ideal for businesses looking to leverage the most out of forex and crypto trading. The products feature the latest innovations ensuring a high-speed, secure and scalable platform for trading in forex and cryptocurrencies.

  • About HashCash Consultants:

HashCash is a global software company offering solutions in Blockchain, AI, Big Data, and IoT through its platforms, products & services. HashCash Blockchain products enable enterprises to move assets across borders in real-time for Remittances, Trade Finance, Payment Processing, and more. HashCash runs a US-based digital asset exchange, PayBito & Digital asset payment processor, BillBitcoins. HashCash offers crypto exchange solutions, Payment processor software, ICO services, and customized Blockchain use case development. It propels advancement in technology through Blockchain1o1 programs and its investment arm, Satoshi Angels. HashCash solves the toughest challenges by executing innovative digital transformation strategies for clients around the world.

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