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Dashible Enables Users to “Mine” Bitcoin by Shopping Local

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NEW YORK, Nov. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Dashible, Inc. has launched its Shop Local & Earn loyalty offering for local retailers.  Now, Dashible customers in New York City can earn Bitcoin when they shop at participating merchants and get loyalty stars on their digital, contactless loyalty cards.

“We are really looking forward to launching this new feature. Dashible was instrumental in helping us get through the pandemic with its innovative deals service, digital loyalty cards and the events we held with the Dashible team at our café. We are excited to see this new innovation and watch how it helps us grow our business even more.” said Ming Wei, the owner of Squarrel Café.

Dashible’s new loyalty offering further improves upon old fashioned physical loyalty cards, enhancing every visit to participating merchants by crediting consumers with 200 Satoshis for every loyalty star earned (1 Satoshi = 0.00000001 Bitcoin).

Said Dashible’s CEO, Marvin Johnson: “Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy but many of the best marketing tools are only available to larger businesses. What’s more, consumers want to support local businesses. We all have a local coffee shop, restaurant, or boutique that that we know and love and want to succeed. At Dashible, we want to give everyone the ability to explore crypto currency while helping local businesses build even more loyalty. Consider this a new way for everyday consumers to mine Bitcoin. We see this as a real opportunity to create a win-win for local businesses and consumers.” The Shop Local & Earn function is currently available to users in the New York City area. 

About Dashible, Inc. Dashible is a software as a service (SaaS) marketing and customer engagement platform for local retailers. The company offers a marketing and customer engagement platform for local retailers that includes location-based deals, customer loyalty programs, SMS marketing and QR code management. Dashible currently operates in New York City. For more details visit https://bit.ly/3B6i2pT

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