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Best Monero (XMR) Wallets To Use In 2019 – OracleTimes

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Monero has always been involved in a lot of controversies, but the coin has its advantages and amazing features regarding privacy.

In order to respond to a post written by Reuters, the Monero Outreach community wrote their own post explaining all the advantages that come with using XMR.

Here are the four top wallets for XMR according to an article presented by TronWeekly.

Ledger Nano S

This is a hardware wallet that managed to become one of the favorite ones in the cryptosphere.

It supports various tokens, it’s portable and small, safe, and easy to use.

The online publication writes that the device is similar to a USB stick, and besides this, it includes a small screen. The wallet keeps XMR safe and sound offline.

Monero GUI Wallet

This is Monero’s official wallet. It’s a desktop application that includes a graphical UI with all the features that you could possibly want.

The wallet has some powerful security features, and even though downloading and syncing it will not be the quickest process, it will definitely be worth your patience.

My Monero

This is a web-based wallet which has excellent credibility, and it’s important to note that it has been developed by Monero’s team members, according to the same online publication.

It’s really user-friendly, but it may not be as safe or as fully-fledged as people would like.

It’s a web platform, and the fact that you need an account on a website may be its primary downside.


This is an Android app, and it’s an open source project. All of your data will be located on your Android device.

The app is able to manage a few different wallets at the same time, and it can also transfer funds back and forth using Monero to settle payments. It’s effortless to use, and the interface is very intuitive.

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