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Trade99’s LTC Price Analysis: Litecoin Drowns During the Intraday Trading – Trade99 News

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The Litecoin price movement has been quite disappointing lately. Although the coin is considered among the top players of the market, but the currency is currently spotted getting troubled. The first two quarters of the year brought the best in Litecoin, but from the third quarter started the downtrend. The same continued, and LTC price is now at $45.

In the last seven days, Litecoin was spotted, indicating mixed signals. The currency is on the dramatic move. The traders are speculated to regain profit in some time. Till then, they are suggested to remain calm.

Litecoin Price Prediction:

LTC price was dealing at $45.44. The currency dropped to $45.10 by 0.75%. The price escalated to $45.23 by 2.48%. The currency slipped to $45.88 by 0.75%. Further, the Litecoin price jumped to $46.54 by 1.24%. The coin slipped again, and this time it touched $45.83 by 1.51%. The intraday movement in the coin was of 0.92%. Today, Litecoin price moved from $45.86 to $45.45 by 1.02%. The coin improved and touched $45.96 and then moved to $45.37 again.

Litecoin is speculated to have a great future. The traders who have invested in the coin must be aware of its movement in the market. At the beginning of the year, the currency was anticipated to outperform Bitcoin. The currency tried to fulfill the same but soon fell under the market pressure.

Litecoin is anticipated to come out as the biggest competitor to Bitcoin in the future. As per the Trade99’s analysts, the traders interested in the LTC coin are suggested to opt for long-term investment. The specified period would bring the desired result to the traders. The short-term might turn out to be risky; hence, we wouldn’t vote for the same.

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