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Road to $ 1 million by 2025: How to earn Bitcoin halvening? – OBN

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Cryptographic analyst PlanB has released details of a stock-to-flow forecasting model, as it is now counting down for the 3rd Bitcoin halving scheduled for May 2020. In this model, he has made it clear that the price of Bitcoin has reached an all-time high one year after each previous award half.

In this context, we will explore in-depth what Bitcoin halving is, how to understand the fluctuations in Bitcoin prices that can make you a better crypto investor over time, and from which point of view, we can approach the path to a $ 1 million Bitcoin by 2025. What makes this model stand out is its historical certainty against the Bitcoin price with a 99.5 percent confidence level. If this model remains valid for the next 24 months, we will see really surprising results. Accordingly, at the end of 2021, the new all-time high Bitcoin price of $ 100,000 rises to $ 1 million per BTC in 2025.

Users can connect to a Bitcoin network with their own computer, and the program they use allows them to fight against other users in a cryptographic competition. The system is designed to cover the costs of electricity and equipment for a user who scrapes or competes for Bitcoin every 10 minutes on average and to make additional profits. However, Satoshi realized that an economic system that could not effectively manage inflation (the price increase rate of the asset) would be doomed to failure and that the use of mechanisms to ensure that initial investments would generate significant profits in later periods was key to Bitcoin’s long-term success.

The mining award at Bitcoin Blockchain, founded in 2009, was 50 Bitcoins per block. This award dropped to 25 Bitcoins in May 2012. The price of Bitcoin, which saw two major increases in 18 months following the half-life, saw its highest level of $ 260 in April 2013 and $ 1,127.20 in December 2013, respectively. Bitcoin miners are affected by a 50 percent drop in their rewards. The cost of running a Bitcoin mine can be very serious, especially in large-scale installations. However, contrary to an interesting estimate, the hash rate remained fairly stable during the last halvening in 2016. During the 12-month period following Halvening, the miners will receive half the prize they have previously received. 

Based on the stock-flow forecasting model and the conclusion that there is a clear relationship between scarcity and market value, it would be a correct approach to assume that the Bitcoin market has grown to the highest level of all time. The trend in margin trading has increased significantly since the beginning of 2019. Confidence in crypto money markets has returned and traders have developed more advanced strategies in more favorable environments. In addition, the input of traditional traders familiar with margin trading contributed to this growing trend.

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