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Ripple Devotees are Taking Out ‘Balls Deep’ Loans to Buy XRP – Yahoo Finance

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XRP die-hards are turning blue in trying to buy the cryptocurrency | Source: Shutterstock

Die-hard Ripple fanatics are going “balls deep” in debt to buy XRP, the cryptocurrency associated with Ripple. One Twitter user known as XRP PHOENIX said he’d taken a loan for “way more than [he] can afford to pay back” to fund his crypto purchases.

Just went BALLZ deep in $XRP

Took out a loan for *way* more than I can afford to pay back

I am NOT bragging or flexing here. My aim by staying this here is to document my BALLZ DEEP journey with you all as an educational material source.

WISH ME LUCK!!! 🤪#XRPcommunity

🦅XRP PHOENIX🦅 (@XRPBallzD33p) July 27, 2019

Asked why he would make such a risky financial decision, he admitted it was all about greed.

“Honestly, greed is possibly the biggest prevailing reason. However, being from a family that nobody makes over 20k a year/didn’t graduate from high school, I’m just done accepting mediocrity from life. I’m risking it for the biscuit my friend.”

The thread, brought to light by The Block’s Larry Cemark, revealed others who had taken out similar risky loans.

XRP Army risking it all

Another Twitter user reportedly took out a loan against his retirement fund to purchase XRP:

👊🏼 I took a loan on my 401k to invest in XRP. We going hard or we ain’t going at all. I’m with you on this trip🚀 pic.twitter.com/NVkT195oFl

— XRP MR ESTEVEZ 🇩🇴 (@restevez926) July 28, 2019

Read the full story on CCN.com.

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