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Redditors love to post Bitcoin stories and comment on EThereum and Monero – research – FXStreet

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  • Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency on Reddit, the latest research shows.
  • Monero and Ethereum comments have a lower rate of dead posts.

Bitcoin is the most discussed cryptocurrency on Reddit followed by Ethereum (ETH) and Monero (XMR), according to the recent research, performed by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

The experts analyzed the posts published from January 205 to January 2018 and found out that about 3600 comments about Bitcoin are posted on a daily basis. Ethereum and Monero enjoy 500 and 380 daily comments, respectively.

The researches also looked into how fast the discussions about the above-said coins are spread.

“The way information about these novel distributive technologies spreads across online social platforms shapes online and offline discussions, and could potentially influence peoples’ beliefs and decision making. Thus, it is crucial to understand, explain, and anticipate the social behavior and communication patterns in the social environments surrounding cryptocurrencies to understand these phenomena and devise appropriate responses,” the paper says.

Also, the experts found out that the rate of “dead posts” – the comments that fail to trigger discussions – is five times bigger for Bitcoin than for Ethereum and Monero.

“Our results demonstrate that while the largest discussions on Reddit are focused on Bitcoin, posts about Monero start discussions that are typically longer and wider,” they explained.

Meanwhile, Redditors tend to respond quicker to posts about Bitcoin, while discussions about Monero have the largest median lifetimes.

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