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Alert: Ripple Shows XRP Price Above $0.45 On Its Official Website; Pump Coming? – Coingape

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Ripple’s official website is showing that XRP is exchanging for $0.4560. On the contrary, XRP is exchanging for just under $0.30 according to Cornmarket. So, could Brad Garlinhouse and his team be hinting at a price pump? In the past, Ripple has been condemned for affecting prices mostly through their spending and distribution of XRP.


Ripple Above $0.45

Ripple has been stuck between the $0.25 and $0.32 price range for weeks now. This price range has prevented XRP from catching up with the alt season which has swept the market. Though Ripple is saying that XRP is above $0.45, data from the market shows that this has not happened since the end of June 2019.

The misrepresentation of data could be a simple calculation error or a hint of a pump.

Source: ripple.com

At the time of writing this, Ripple has not responded to the error. For those who will believe that this is a hint of what is to come, they will be buying up some more and await the rally. With the alt season in action, we could see these numbers coming up but not anytime soon and possibly not because of this error.



In the hours to come, we expect to hear Ripple make an update.

Ripple And Binance In Trouble

Notably, this error comes in a day when the Binance exchange is also experiencing problems. As we reported earlier, the exchange is down. The CEO has however been active on Twitter assuring users that all is well and that the systems will be back.

One prominent analyst has been very critical drawing at the fact that the exchange has been having problems for days. He notes that the exchange should focus on maintaining systems and not the recent addition of new leveraged pairs.


It’s getting a daily problem on @binance nowadays.

But still, we keep on adding new leveraged pairs.

The priority is seemingly at letting you lose your money as fast as you can.

— Crypto Michaël (@CryptoMichNL) February 19, 2020

CZ Binance on his part has been warning that users and the entire crypto community should avoid FUD.

There people spreading FUD now. You can safely block them now, or when we come back online.

You want up-to-date info. But you definitely want to block negativity/FUD out of your life. It will have a positive impact on your finances and quality of life.

— CZ Binance 🔶🔶🔶 (@cz_binance) February 19, 2020

Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt are set to creep into the market with the temporary downing of Binance. This could ultimately lead to a market dip.

Alert: Ripple Shows XRP Price Above $0.45 On Its Official Website; Pump Coming?
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Alert: Ripple Shows XRP Price Above $0.45 On Its Official Website; Pump Coming?
Ripple’s website is showing that XRP is exchanging for $0.4560. This is not right as XRP is actually exchanging for just under $0.30. This has some investors thinking that XRP will pump in the near future.
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